Specialised Services

HRS has over 20 years’ experience in the Contaminated Sites sector and is therefore able to offer specialised services as follows:

  • Controlled Waste Transport
  • Review of Environmental Plans & Procedures
  • Disclosure Statements
  • Public Speaking
  • Expert Witness Statements

Controlled Waste Transport

The Department of Environment Regulation (DER) regulates the transportation of controlled waste on roads in Western Australia. HRS is a licensed Controlled Waste Carried with the Department of Environment Regulation.  This enables HRS to collect controlled waste from your site and transport it to waste disposal facilities. HRS is willing to take on jobs that many larger controlled waste transporters will not.

Disclosure Statements

The introduction of the Contaminated Sites Act (2003) bought with it a number of changes in environmental obligations, management and legislation. As part of the Contaminated Sites Act (2003) a Contaminated Sites Committee was introduced to assign responsibility for remediation in disputes over a particular contaminated site. In doing so the Contaminated Sites Committee considers disclosure statements submitted by landowners who are seeking exemption from responsibility for remediation where they do not believe they are at fault.

HRS was the first environmental consultancy to submit a Disclosure Statement to the Contaminated Sites Committee on behalf of our client, resulting in our client’s liability for remediation being significantly reduced.

Expert Witness Statements

HRS has provided expert witness statements that have been submitted in proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia. HRS has the experience, knowledge and skill to review environmental reports pertaining to soil and groundwater contaminated sites and provide expert witness statement or testimonies that can be presented in a court of law.

Review of Environmental Plans and Procedures

HRS can review your company or site working process and procedures, environmental management plans and spill response plans and provide expert feedback on how improvements can be made to these systems to prevent and respond to emergency environmental or spill scenarios.

Public Speaking

William Bockelman, founder and CEO of HRS, has had extensive training in public speaking and combined with his in-depth knowledge of contaminated sites, contaminated sites projects and contamination issues in Western Australia makes a powerful and informative presenter at forums, shows and industry meetings.