Underground Storage Tank Removal, Queens Park

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The Site

The owner of a private property in Queens Park was seeking approval from the local council to redevelop the site. The site was zoned as residential to the front where it contained a family home and mixed business to the rear where a small business was run from a large workshop.

The Issue

The owner’s intention was to have the site rezoned in order to build a small residential block on the property. After submitting a planning application the council advised the property owner that an underground storage tank located at the rear of the property required removing before any further consideration of the application would be undertaken. The owner contacted HRS for help.

The Job

HRS performed background investigations to find there was little or no information pertaining to the installation of the tank other than hearsay. The tank was dipped and found to be empty. HRS performed the excavations within a one day to reduce the disruption to residents and business operator. The tank was removed and taken for disposal, soil validation sampling was performed and the pit was backfilled with clean soils and resurfaced. The soils results were analysed and a report was prepared for the owner in a format that could be submitted to the Department of Mines and Petroleum and/or the Department of Environment Regulation as necessary.

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Underground Storage Tank Removal, Queens Park