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The Site

The site was used for over 20 years as a drum re-conditioner – where the contents of drums were emptied onto unsealed surfaces and repainted for sale.  The site contained known pollution at the rear when originally purchased, before emphasis in environmental pollution monitoring and before the Contaminated Sites Act became effective. The Department of Environment Regulation had concerns of possible soil and groundwater pollution from over 150 types of unidentified contaminants.

The Issue

The mortgage lender had granted a short-term loan to its client, the owner of the property, who was attempting to sell the property to pay the loan back. The client could not sell the property due to the contaminated site memorial placed on the land title by the former Department of Environment and Conservation. Due to financial issues the client was unable to pay for the cost of remediating the site. The mortgage lender opted to pay for the remediation to restore the land value rather than attempt to sell the property it at a deflated value due to contamination.

The Job

HRS was contracted by the mortgage lender to carry out Site Investigations and Remediation. HRS worked with the mortgage lender, the site owners and the property tenants over a number of years. HRS conducted an initial environmental site assessment and worked with the owners and tenant to remove items unnecessary to business operations from the site to allow for remediation works. After performing soil sampling in areas known or suspected to be contaminated HRS excavated contaminated soils and a polluted soak well. Groundwater bores were installed and sampled at the site to confirm the soil pollutants had not leached into groundwater.

The Outcome

As a result of HRS works at the property the DER reclassified the site as Decontaminated. This enabled the property to be sold at its true market value. The client was able to pay down the loan and the mortgage lender was able to see the loan repaid and recover the costs of the remediation works.

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Contaminated Site, Drum Reconditioners, Kenwick