Emergency / Accident Response

HRS works in partnership with government approved Emergency Responders to perform site remediation works following any emergency or accident responses. The Emergency Responder immediately attends the accident site to contain the spill and prevent it spreading. The Emergency Responder may clean up the visible material from the road surface however requires an experience environmental consultant to evaluate the site, determine the nature and extent of the pollution and begin effective remediation actions as soon as possible following the incident.

HRS has worked on a number of site remediation projects following tanker rollovers and these works included:

  • Site Assessment
  • Groundwater assessment
  • Excavation of contaminated soils
  • Provision, installation and compaction of clean in-fill materials
  • Transport & disposal of contaminated soils to approved landfill
  • Soil sampling and validation of the soil pile
  • Transport of contaminated soils to approved areas for bio-remediation
  • Bio-remediation of the contaminated soils
  • Soil sampling and validation of the spill site
  • Report submission to government bodies


These sites have often been located in remote areas and HRS has the experience to negotiate with local and state government agencies to implement cost-effective works that meet the criteria set out in government legislation and guidelines.

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