Commercial Real Estate / Private Property

When buying, selling, or leasing a property you need to understand the potential future liabilities that you may encumber with the property. An environmental due diligence investigation can determine if your property is at risk of environmental contamination. At HRS we adopted a phased approach to our environmental assessments, saving you time and money by avoiding unnecessary investigations.

At HRS we can protect your interests through:

  • Pre/Final Lease Environmental Due Diligence Site Assessments
  • Detailed Site Investigations
  • Pre-Purchase Environmental Due Diligence Site Assessments
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Environmental Lease Clauses
  • Assistance with Site Clean-ups
  • Preliminary Site Investigations


Environmental Due Diligence Site Assessments

These assessments can be performed prior to purchasing or leasing a property. Similar to a PSI, these assessments inform you of the potential risk from historical contamination at a property you may be looking to purchase. If you own or are purchasing a commercial property to lease these reports could save you thousands of dollars, if in the long run pollution is detected and pollutant liability is being established.

Environmental Lease Clauses

Environmental pollution has become a significant problem with more commercial sites, such that there are now environmental clauses within the lease agreement.  Some will dictate that Environmental Site Assessments be performed prior to and at the conclusion of a lease; others will stipulate regular monitoring during the tenancy period which will usually involve some form of soil and groundwater testing. HRS can provide recommendations on the type and frequency of monitoring to be performed based on the risk factors presented at the site and by the tenants proposed use of the site.

Preliminary Site Investigations

A Preliminary Site Investigation is predominantly a desktop study that determines the potential pollutant risk at your property based on past and present land uses of your property and those nearby. The Preliminary Site Investigation includes a desktop study, a detailed site inspection and interviews with site representatives.  If the Preliminary Site Investigation concludes that the property may be contaminated it will generally be recommended that a Detailed Site Investigation be performed.

Detailed Site Investigations

During a Detailed Site Investigation comprehensive data will be collected and soil and/or groundwater samples will be taken for laboratory analysis to confirmation the nature and status of the pollutant of potential concern identified in the Preliminary Site Investigation.

On-going Monitoring

Regular monitoring can be conducted for many reasons. Monitoring of groundwater about underground storage tanks helps early detection of possible leaks or undetected spills that may be occurring during refilling. Regular monitoring of leased sites can determine when pollution was first detected and therefore who may be liable for the pollution at the site. The earlier pollution is discovered and responded to, the better the chance the remediation program will be fast, effective and budget-friendly.

Assistance with Site Clean-ups

HRS are happy to provide advice and assistance in cleaning up your site. This is not just soil remediation but also the clearing of containers that are a possible source of contamination, resurfacing areas susceptible to contamination and development of work practices and procedures that reduce the likelihood of contamination occurring.