About Us

Hydrocarbon Remedial Services P/L is an exceptional environmental pollutant consultancy dedicated to helping those with a polluted property, or minimize pollutant effects if present on site.  Since our beginnings in August 1993, we have consistently grown in core values and have continued to contribute to the health of our great state.  As of June 2014, we have restored over $420 Million in polluted property back into commercial use, or conversion into residential real estate.

HRS is one of the few environmental consultancies with our own Controlled Waste Transport licenses (issued & regulated by the Department of Environment (Controlled Waste Section)), and have custom-built and operated specialized groundwater treatment systems to decontaminate several polluted properties.

With recent works with a DER-licensed emergency pollutant responder, we provide a complete package to the management & control of all phases of large scale chemical spills.  Future plans are to help aid companies with their internal control of waste management, training, and accident control.

HRS was also the first to use the Disclosure Statements stipulated by the Contaminated Sites Act (2003), in which we protected a property owner of the pollutant actions caused by others- and have successfully defended our expert witness against three Australian-wide environmental consultancies.   We understand the delays in obtaining a legal claim being settled, and can now provide top-level expertise in how to defend others.  This service could be required for those who bought a pre-existing polluted property.